Profile of Wei T’o® Associates, Inc.

SUMMARY: Small, high tech, growing specialty chemical and chemical equipment company with a world-wide reputation.

MANUFACTURES: Specialty deacidification chemicals and solutions, and application equipment used to protect books, records, and works of art on paper against aging, i.e. embrittlement and yellowing caused by acid attack. Offers unique environmental chambers to freeze dry water-wetted materials at ambient pressure and exterminate insects without chemicals.

CUSTOMERS: Over 500 leading archives, libraries, museums, collectors, and paper conservation laboratories throughout the world. Has over 30 distributors in USA and abroad.

SALES: Approximately $500,000 per year worldwide primarily in North America, but also in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa.

MARKET POSITION: Provides safe, effective, and affordable mass deacidification processes that archives, libraries, and museums can apply to preserve their collections. Major supplier of intermediate and small-scale deacidification chemicals and processes. Position protected by product quality, know-how, and patents.

OPERATION: Manufactures and sells at wholesale and retail. Prepares and packages in-house chemical products in aerosol cans, glass bottles, and steel cylinders for use in small and large-scale treatment facilities. Manufactures application equipment and speciality environmental chambers.

EMPLOYEES: Five, plus two part-time for special orders.

FACILITIES: Rents 2,400 sq. ft. (also has 1,000 sq. ft. mezzanine storage) in one story frame and steel building.

USA LOCATION: On main street in industrial area (Stawicki Industrial Park, 21750 Main Street, Unit #27, Matteson, IL 60443).

HISTORY & BACKGROUND: Incorporated: State of Washington, April 27, 1972. Licensed: For operation in Illinois on February 18, 1975. Business: Founded by Richard D. Smith in February 1972, who owns 100% of stock.

ACTIVE OFFICERS: Richard D. Smith, President and Treasurer. Born 1927, Married. One child. Education: B.S. in Ceramics, 1952, Penn State University; M.A. in Library Science, 1964, University of Denver; Ph.D. in Library Science, University of Chicago. Professional Qualifications: Registered Professional Engineer, Chartered Chemist. Fellowships: American Institute of Chemistry, American Institute for Conservation, International Institute for Conservation, and Royal Society of Chemistry. Member of American Library Association, Society of American Archivists, and other archive, library, and scientific societies. Experience: Employed 1952-54: John Mansville Corporation, Assistant District Engineer, Cleveland, Ohio; 1954-1963: Ferro Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio and overseas as a ceramic engineer and manager; 1963-1972: Founded Wei T’o® Associates, Inc. Also: Lecturer, University of Chicago; Associate Editor, Restaurator, Munich, Germany.

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