Wei T'oWei T ‘o, an ancient Chinese god, protects books against destruction from fire,

worms, and insects, and robbers, big or small.

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Matteson, IL 60443

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E-mail: weito@weito.com   Attn: Richard D. Smith, President


MISSION: Wei T’o® Associates, Inc. exists to help keep the history and records of our peoples from being lost. We are dedicated to extending the lives of books, documents, collectibles, memorabilia, and works of art on paper. Wei T’o® helps through development, manufacture, and sales of preserving sprays and solutions, application equipment, service support, and technology know-how. Our newest improvements, true breakthroughs, are reported in “New Wei T’o® Products: An Unexpected Achievement.”

DESCRIPTION: The Profile of Wei T’o® summarizes its history and capabilities, status and products, and the qualifications of its officers.

FUNDAMENTAL OBJECTIVE: The goals of Wei T’o® Associates, Inc. are to advance, stimulate, and support progress in conservation and preservation. This objective was announced in the Library of Congress Information Bulletin, April 9, 1982, when the “Library [was] Licensed to Make Deacidification Solution.”


FUNCTION & PURPOSE: Wei T’o® manufactures unique, nonaqueous deacidification sprays and solutions used to protect paper against deterioration, yellowing, and embrittlement for hundreds of years. Its products stabilize paper by neutralizing existing acids and impregnating an alkaline buffer to prevent reacidification in the future. They are used around the world by concerned individuals, binderies, conservation laboratories, picture framers, and professional conservators in archives, libraries, museums, and institutions,.

APPLICATIONS: Wei T’o® products are proven, effective, and trusted, and have been applied to many unique historic treasures. A small sampling of items treated between 1968 and 1982 with Wei T’o® solutions include: artwork by Audubon, Goya, and Rembrandt; letters by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Oliver Cromwell, and King Henry VIII; the first draft and several copies of the U.S. Constitution; and three copies of the Declaration of Independence of the United States printed during the night of July 4, 1776. Over 1,000,000 books have been preserved at the National Library of Canada, more than in all tests and all the treatment of all the other mass deacidification methods added together.

ORDERING: Clicking the Price List and Order Form makes the connection for purchasing Wei T’o® products. Clicking the email address: weito@weito.com brings a letter ready for mailing questions, requests, and suggestions to Wei T’o®. All are heartily welcomed and will be answered.

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LEARN MORE: You are cordially invited to explore our site and learn more about Wei T’o® Associates, Inc. and its activities. The Site Map offers links to over 60 essays on product development and usage, answers to frequent questions, product data sheets, equipment descriptions and techniques, bibliographies, and other useful information can be found under the following headings:

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