Making and Using a Deacidification Dip Tank for Wei T’o Solutions


  • Cut a paper mailing tube approximately 4 inches (10 cm.) in diameter lengthwise into three equal sections.
  • Make the tube 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 cm) longer than the width of the paper sheets to be deacidified.
  • Use heavy aluminum cooking (broiler) foil to line the tube section. Press the foil against the walls to form smooth lining, and fold up the ends of the foil to close the dip tube into a circular trough.
  • Lay the finished trough flat inside a paper box 6 inches to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) deep. Block the dip tub with wedges to prevent it from rolling or moving during use.
  • Pour Wei T’o Solution No. 2 (Dipping Formula) or Good News #125 into the Dip Tube about 1/2 to 3/4 inch (2 to 3 cm) deep. Add additional Solution when it is needed. Discard Solution in Dip Tube if not used.
  • Slide the acidic “unstable” sheets of paper through the Solution, i.e., down one side of the Dip Tube and up the other side.
  • Allow most of the excess Solution to run back into the Dip Tube for reuse. Then tilt the wet sheet back and forth to spread the Solution make the paper uniformly wet.
  • Lay the “now” stable alkaline paper sheet onto a tightly stretched mosquito net (cotton preferably) to dry.
  • In USA, friends tell me that the actual cost of deacidification between Dipping and Soft Spray is about the same.
  • Dipping is faster (lower labor cost), but uses more solution. Spraying is slower, but uses less Spray solution. Spraying has less likelihood of causing inks to run.
  • Suggestions: Discard the Wei T’o® Solution immediately if it becomes opalescent or cloudy. Replace the aluminum foil liner after each use. Batch your work because the Wei T’o® #2 is only stable for about 15 minutes (#125 is more stable) in workroom air. Try to treat only thoroughly dry paper because moisture will speed precipitation of Wei T’o® Solution. Keep Solution bottle tightly closed between uses. Seal cap to bottle between batches by closing gap between cap and bottle with 4 to 5 wraps of electrical vinyl tape.


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