The Heritage Protectors: archives, libraries, museums, private collections and professional conservators, are operating many Wei T’o® “Soft Spray” installations in preservation laboratories around the world.

“Soft Spray” is a convenient, effective, and reliable manual method of applying Wei T’o® nonaqueous deacidification sprays. Its use is so straightforward that ordinary persons can produce professional quality conservation treatments following a brief training period. Customer acceptance and reaction is enthusiastic.

“Soft Spray” was invented for preservation of valuable, unique books, documents, and works of art from Special Collections, Rare Book Rooms, and private collections. One “Soft Spray” treatment transforms an acidic, unstable paper into an alkaline, permanent paper that can endure 300 to 400 years.

The “Soft Spray” system is a giant aerosol spray made up from industrial components. The three essential components are: (1) Delivery system – spray gun, liquid hoses, and connecting parts (2) Aerosol or liquid deacidification spray, and (3) Aerosol cleaning solution.

A steady worker can “Soft Spray” 3 to 3 1/2 (300 page/150 leaves) books per hour. Allowing for interruptions and other tasks, about 30 books per day, 150 books per week, or 7,500 books per year can be treated per person per 8 hour shift. The cost for treatment of approximately $15.00 to $20.00 per book in a not-for-profit institution is modest when compared to the loss of a rare book from the library’s collection.

The fourth component, a spray booth and exhaust system, is available from Wei T’o®, but can also be obtained locally. The Wei T’o® “Soft Spray” Booth is fabricated from stainless steel and comes complete, with 115 or 240 volt electric lead, explosion resistant, exhaust fans, and 5′ of flexible 10″ I.D. exhaust duct, ready for installation. The booth provides two spraying platforms, one for books and single sheets and the other for single sheets only. Large accounting books and folio newspapers fit with room to spare. Other models available from Wei T’o® range from inexpensive bench-top spray booths with built-in exhaust blowers to sophisticated, continuous belt units designed for the mass deacidification of archival documents.

The Wei T’o® “Soft Spray” Deacidification Solution and Cleaning Solution cost respectively $358.00 and $287.00 per 4.5 gallon cylinder when four or more cylinders are purchased. One 4.5 gallon cylinder of Cleaning Solution is needed for every five to ten cylinders of “Soft Spray.” From 2,000 to 4,000 8 1/2″ x 11″ documents can be deacidified and protected against aging with each 4.5 gallon (U.S.) cylinder of “Soft Spray.” Prices are in U.S. dollars, F.O.B. Wei T’o®, and firm for thirty days from date of transmittal letter or presentation.

Detailed maintenance and use instructions are provided with the Wei T’o® “Soft Spray” system. . A video tape adds visual operating instructions. Spray gun spare parts are included. An overnight exchange exists for rebuilt spray guns at a modest cost.

Protected by US Patent No. 4,860,685, Canadian Patent No. 1,272,018, and Australian Patent No. 583,938.

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