Learn More About Wei T’o® Specialty Equipment


Information on the specialty equipment manufactured by Wei To® Associates, Inc. is arranged under the following topics.


Wei T’o® Soft Spray System

Summarizes the spraying procedures for obtaining museum quality spray deacidification, includes a description of the equipment, replacement parts, and supplies.


Answers to Frequent Questions About Soft Spray

Brings together information which concerns new and prospective users.


Avoiding Clogs, Drips, and Other Aggravations   –

Detailed description explaining the necessity for and how to obtain trouble-free operation.


Operating Tips:  Suggestions from Soft Spray Users

Hands on techniques applied by conservators which work in their laboratories.


Wei To® Nonaqueous Mass Deacidification System

A brief history and general description of the Wei Tog Mass Deacidification process and equipment.


Answers to Frequent Questions About Mass Deacidification

Brings together information on designing, installing, staffing, and operating a Wei T’o’s® Mass Deacidification that concerns new and prospective users.


Publications by Dr. Smith on Mass Deacidification

Lists patents and publications by Richard Smith.  Also listed in “Learn More About Our Founder”.


Independent Publications on Wei T’o’s® Mass Deacidification

Lists bibliographies and publications on mass deacidification.


Videos on Wei T’o® (& Deacidification)

A variety of videotapes on deacidification in the Wei T’o® collection.


Wei T’o® Book Dryer and Insect Exterminator

Describes the components and use of a modified supermarket freezer to freeze dry water-wetted books and exterminate insects without chemicals.


Video on Wei T’o® Dryer-Exterminators

Staff training video prepared by the Rio Grande Historical Collection, University of New Mexico Library – Las Cruces.


Bibliography on Freezer Drying

Lists publications and information sources on freezer drying.


Bibliography on Cold Fumigation

Lists publications and information sources on deep freeze fumigation.


Operating Tips:  Suggestions from “Freezer Users”

Hands on techniques developed by conservators that work in their laboratories.


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