The Wei T’o® Book Dryer and Insect Exterminator is a mechanically and electrically modified supermarket freezer which (1) dries wet books and (2) exterminates insects. The unit functions as a vacuum freeze dryer, up to now the best salvage technique, when freeze drying water-wetted books. It exterminates insects by exposing them to subzero temperatures at which their body fluids crystallize.

Approximately 200 water-wetted volumes can be dried in the 30-day drying cycle. Four to six hundred volumes can be “non-chemically fumigated” per three day extermination cycle. Two cycles are possible every week. The internal working space is approximately 44.3 cubic feet: externally the unit measures approximately 52″ long by 35″ deep by 81″ high. Much larger, modular units (readily dismantled and shipped) are also available.

The basic component of the standard Dryer-Exterminator is the Hussmann HGL-2BS two-door, supermarket freezer. The electrical wiring controls and instrumentation are rebuilt to make the unit suitable for (a) salvaging water-wetted books and (b) exterminating insects in their adult, pupa, larva, or egg life forms. In addition to rodents, the cycle for (b) alone or in combination with (a) will kill approximately 90 percent of the fungi per freeze thaw cycle.

The Dryer-Exterminator will be shipped securely bolted to a pallet, inside a strong wooden frame, enclosed with plywood. Customers only need to uncrate the unit, place it into position, and plug in the electric power (220 volt, single phase, 60 Hertz, 20 amp service) lead before commencing operations.

Every Wei T’o® Dryer-Exterminator also includes (1) a basic video training tape (VHS, 1/2″), (2) an Operation Manual 383 pages long, and (3) one day on-site training in operation procedures at your archive or library as soon as possible after delivery. The video tape (prepared by the University of New Mexico-Las Cruces) presents the information an inexperienced person needs to start-up the unit and commence freeze drying water-wetted books or exterminate insects in an emergency. The cost of the video, if purchased separately, will be credited when a Dryer-Exterminator is purchased.

This Wei T’o® Book Dryer and Insect Exterminator is intended to be operated by library staff members and to be maintained by air conditioning or refrigeration servicemen. The savings from drying only one load of wet reference books will pay for the entire installation.

General background is presented in “Fumigation Dilemma: More Overkill or Common Sense.” New Library Scene, (December 1984) 3:1,5,6 (copy follows). A 15 page general list of publications giving further information on the Wei T’o® Book Dryer and Insect Exterminator will be added to this Web page soon.


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